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Plan Your Flu Clinics

Planning your flu clinics is simplified with MFV resources such as your clinic posters, Myths & Facts brochures and flu vaccine reference charts!

MFV Planner


Plan your clinic date(s) for mid-September through mid-December clinics.


Place your flu vaccine order for the approximate quantities and presentations you anticipate needing. Note, you may select multiple presentations and multiple delivery dates to satisfy your anticipated patient needs.


Order patient and provider marketing materials – complimentary for all FFF flu vaccine customers.


  1. Flu Vaccine Myths & Facts Brochures
  2. Flu Communication and Clinic Posters
  3. Flu Vaccine Reference Charts


Beginning in mid-August:

  1. Put your flu clinic poster up, after you fill in with the dates and times for your clinics in the white space at the bottom of the poster
  2. Set the Flu Vaccine Myths & Facts Brochures out for patients to dispel many of the common myths surrounding safety, efficacy and importance of getting their annual flu vaccination
  3. Create a clinic sign-up sheet for each clinic


Communications – Depending upon your size and the communications platforms available to you, you may wish to market your flu clinics in any of the following manners:

  1. In office – poster, brochures and sign-up sheets
  2. Patient calls
  3. Advertisement in community publications or at community forums such as places of religious affiliation, community centers, schools, etc.
  4. Email to patient groups


72 hours before clinic day:

  1. Review vaccine order, and call FFF immediately if you require additional vaccine
  2. Check to be sure you have all supplies for the day of your clinic to include your vaccine, needles, syringes, disposable gloves, alcohol pads, sharps containers, and patient authorization forms


24 - 48 hours before clinic day:

  1. Place reminder calls to those on sign-up list and ask if they would like to bring a friend or family member
  2. If you have not already received and stored your flu vaccine, you should receive it now


Time to vaccinate!

Please do not forget to change your gloves between each vaccination, and place discarded needles in a Sharps container for safe disposal.